Offering 2 Fitness Services.

All sessions are 45 minutes & based at Minchinbury Oval

Online Personal Training

Experience personal training without the price tag!

I offer personal programs in which I am able to teach you the fundamentals of health and fitness, this is perfect for the average gym goer who feels they are lacking direction and accountability.

I am able to deliver this awesome program with the use of my Training app, the app has many great features some of which include workout videos which are available to demonstrate correct form, food tracking and workout tracking.

Boot Camp

A fun, full-body workout session that focuses on improving overall fitness. Using camaraderie style training with a mix of cardio, interval and strength training, you will burn fat & build muscle.


The encouraging community that has developed at boot camp makes it a fantastic place to being your fitness journey. Included in the cost of boot camp is the use of my fitness application which contains at home workouts, activity and nutrition tracking. 

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